GoPublish – Best Alternative for Exporting Google Docs to WordPress [2023]


If you’ve been using Wordable or Mammoth WordPress plug-in to export Google Docs to WordPress, it may be time to consider switching to a better alternative – GoPublish. In this post, we’ll compare the key features and pricing of Wordable and GoPublish to show why GoPublish is the superior choice.

Overview of Wordable:

Wordable has been a popular tool for exporting Google Docs content directly into WordPress. It works as a simple connector, allowing you to publish new posts from Google Docs with just a few clicks. However, Wordable has some significant limitations.

It only supports publishing new posts, with no option to update existing content. It also lacks support for other WordPress content types like pages and custom post types. Additionally, Wordable can only connect up to 5 WordPress sites.

Introducing GoPublish – A More Powerful Wordable Alternative:

Like Wordable, GoPublish is a Google Docs add-on that lets you quickly publish content to WordPress. But GoPublish has some key advantages that make it a better choice:

  • Supports publishing new content AND updating existing content in WordPress.
  • Exports to all content types – posts, pages, and custom post types.
  • Can optimize images by 60-70% without losing quality.
  • Does bulk exports using Google Sheets.
  • Generates raw HTML from docs for more formatting flexibility.
  • Works directly within Google Docs for simpler workflow.
  • No domain connection limit.

GoPublish Pricing vs Wordable Cost:

In addition to more features, GoPublish is also more affordable than Wordable for most use cases.

  • GoPublish pricing starts at $6/month compared to $50/month for Wordable.
  • Per export costs are just $0.10 each with GoPublish vs $1 per export for Wordable.
  • GoPublish has unlimited connected domains while Wordable limits you to just 5 sites.

Better Support:

GoPublish offers live chat and phone support. Wordable is limited to ticket-based support. So you can get help quicker with GoPublish if any issues arise.

The Verdict:

For exporting Google Docs content into WordPress, GoPublish is a superior choice over Wordable. With more powerful features, lower pricing, and better support, GoPublish is an easy recommendation for any site owner currently using Wordable. The benefits of updating existing content, bulk exports, better formatting, and more make it a great Wordable alternative. It’s also a powerful alternative for Mammoth WordPress plug-in. 

Users love GoPublish:

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